5 Pros and Cons of Living in Reston Virginia

Reston is a planned community. It was developed in 1962 by Robert Simons. His main philosophy for creating the community was for people to live, work, and play. You can live in Reston and do just that. There are luxury condos and townhouses that are close to the town center. There are various festivals you can participate in while residing in Reston. You can work in Reston. Facebook has its headquarters in Reston. The area is easily accessible by road. Here are some pros and cons of living in Reston:

There are many pros to living in Reston. Here are the five topmost pros:


Availability of Business Opportunities


Facebook has its headquarters in Reston. Microsoft also made a huge investment in Reston. If you want to live and work, then Reston is the place for you to be. There are so many businesses coming up that you can work on and comfortably live in Reston.


Growing Dynamic Community


People want to live in Reston. Since business is booming, the housing market is also growing. It is interesting to live and watch the town grow. Buildings are coming up each day to support this growth. There are various business centers and condos for sale in Reston coming up for the new residents. It is an interesting growth to monitor, especially if you have been in Reston from the beginning.


Business is Booming


Microsoft and Google have also opened up offices in Reston. Since technology is advancing, it is a great business opportunity for you if you love technology. There are also various high-end shops opening up in Reston like lulu melon.


Public Transportation


There are the Washington metro and two more metro lines coming into Reston. Dulles airport is 10 minutes away from Reston as well. Bus stations are everywhere. Bike share programs are also available, roads are being widened for bikers. Commuting around Reston is being made easier for many people.


Amazing Outdoor Space


If you love the outdoors, then Reston is the place to be. There at five lakes in the region. You can rent kayaks or canoes and go out to the lake. There are also plenty of biking trails if you love biking. Farmers’ markets are on every Saturday, and it’s a great place to get fresh produce and interact with new people. There are various pools and tennis courts if you would love to get some exercise. Reston also has walker nature centers if you love walking.


Shopping, Restaurants, Bars


As Reston keeps growing, many people are opening up shop in the town. There is a variety of high-end shops like Lulu lemon in town. You can also go to the various movie theatres in the area. There are plenty of restaurants if you need to eat out.


With all these pros, there are bound to be cons.


Cost of Living


It is expensive to live in Reston. The average income is $114000, and condos for sale in Reston just under half a million dollars. As such, owning a home might not be easy for any new resident in the area.


Rapid Growth


The rapid growth brings with it many cons. There is more traffic on the road. You can also get confused driving around since there are so many construction sites in the area. Many people claim to miss the small community-feel Reston had before it started growing so fast.


Traffic is a Nightmare


With the growth of the town, the roads are still not enough for a smooth commute. On weekdays, it might take you an hour to get to DC. You end up spending so much time on the road, which can be annoying. The Dulles toll road that separates the north and south Reston is the most expensive commute. You cannot avoid this road if you live in Reston.


Paying the HOA Fee Twice


Living in Reston can be expensive. You have to pay Homeowners association fees twice. The first HOA fee is for the building you live in. The second fee is to Reston Association. The Reston association uses these fees to care for the parks, pools, and trails in Reston. While some positive comes from it, it is still costly.


Less Local Business


Even though many businesses are setting up shop in Reston, they are mostly high-end. There are very few local businesses in Reston. As such, many people feel left out. There are very few shops in the town owned by locals. You either go to the high-end ones or work for them.


Reston is a beautiful place to live in. Even with the cons, the pros outweigh them. If you are looking for somewhere to stay close to Washington DC, then you should consider Reston.

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