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It starts with a clear understanding of your goals. Next, we build a custom listing plan aligned to your wants and needs that will yield the best price, at the best terms, and with the least amount of hassle possible. Our solutions are tailored for each client's situation and are always delivered professionally and transparently. That's our promise!

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Renovate now
pay at closing

Sometimes your home may need a little "love" before it goes to market, but you may not have the resources to do it right. That's why we've partnered with the leading pre-listing renovation company that will get the work done and charges you at closing.

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Staging and Organizing

There's no denying that presenting your home in its best light will help to sell it for more money. We work with the best stagers and organizers to help you put your home's best foot forward. Sometimes you have all of the ingredients needed to make your home shine but need another set of eyes to help you pare back, de-personalize, and de-clutter. That's why we work with professional organizers in addition to stagers to help you with the move in addition to selling your home for top dollar.

Pricing Strategy & Market Analysis

What you want to make on the sale of your home is not the same thing as the list price. Only a careful analysis of the market data and a clear understanding of the demand for the home will yield the proper pricing strategy. We’re certified Pricing Strategy Advisors (there are only 14 in the entire area) who know how to price your home so that you yield the most value. We'll review hyper-local, up-to-the-minute supply and demand data to be sure we're pricing with intention to get you the most money the market will bear.

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Video First Digital Marketing

While others tout their "117 point marketing plans" that are merely task lists for their assistants, we take a digital-first approach that integrates cutting-edge digital marketing methods to drive traditional activity. Our professional marketing team works with our agents to use video and cutting-edge social content to attract and engage potential buyers. Once engaged, our agents reach out directly and personally to assess the buyer's intent, schedule a showing, or encourage attendance at an open house. It's a high-tech, high-touch approach that produces amazing results.

The Art and Craft of Negotiation

Most people think that negotiation is all about receiving a low-ball offer, countering with a much higher number, and both meet in the middle. The reality is that a successful negotiation in this market must balance price, terms, and timeline. Balancing these items in a negotiation requires an agent that builds a strong professional relationship with the buyer's agent and a keen awareness of the leverage points available in the almost 20-page Northern Virginia sales contract. Our agents role-play regularly, maintain great agent relationships, and train frequently on the latest changes to the sales contract, to ensure you get the best price, great terms, and on your timeline.

Flexible Commission Programs

Every home is different, and every homeowner’s circumstances are unique. That’s why we have a tiered commission program to match the strategy that will best sell your home for the greatest value in the shortest time.

Cancel anytime guarantee

We're confident you'll love our service-based approach, not to mention the results we help you achieve, but sometimes things happen. Whether you change your mind about selling, life throws you a curveball, or simply don't click with our team for some (strange 🙂 ) reason, you're free to move on. We never lock you in and always keep your goal front and center.

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