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It's About Living

If you’re like us, then you know that a house is just the first step to living your best life. For almost 25 years, we’ve called the greater Reston area our launchpad for life – a place where you can do anything.

Since founding our real estate team, we’ve made it our mission to help those that want to establish roots in the community and take advantage of all it has to offer. Our clients know that we will go beyond bedrooms, baths, and budgets to understand the whole person or family. We collaborate to discover your needs and desires within the context of your lifestyle; taking time to recognize the key components of your life, including where you work, what you do for fun, where you would like your children to go to school, and what is most important to you as we welcome you to the Northern Virginia community.

Let's Get To Work

Hyper-local expertise

We've run every 5K, visited every brewery and vineyard, hit every historical battlefield, hiked every mountain, coached youth soccer on every municipal field, and have been to more museums and monuments than you can imagine. Or, at least it feels that way! Collectively, we live life to the fullest and know more about a neighborhood than the style and prices of houses. We think of a home as more of a launchpad for life and we will make sure that you find a home in a neighborhood that you will love too!

Market Intelligence

The market is ever-changing, so we are constantly monitoring the latest analytics to be sure our offer strategy is informed by data. We’re certified Pricing Strategy Advisors (there are only 14 in the entire area) who know how to evaluate the price of a home to ensure it will hold its value. We'll show you the current market stats and create a custom Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) before you make an offer on a home.

The Art and Craft of Negotiation

Do you imagine the hit shows Million Dollar Listing or Flea Market Flip when you hear the word negotiation? The reality is that negotiating a real estate transaction is about creating relationships with the agent on the other side of the transaction, truly understanding the seller's needs, and looking for leverage even when the market conditions may be against you. Balancing these items in a negotiation requires an agent that builds a strong professional relationship with the seller's agent and a keen awareness of the leverage points available in the almost 20-page Northern Virginia sales contract. Our agents role-play regularly, maintain great agent relationships, and train frequently on the latest changes to the sales contract, to ensure you get the best price, great terms, and on your timeline.

Virtual showing services

Don't worry if you are from out of town or simply too busy to tour homes. We'll be your eyes, ears, and nose while FaceTiming (or Zoom or other technology) you or a trusted family member that can't get out to visit the home. We've had a number of out-of-town clients purchase solely on the virtual tours we took them on because they trusted that we would tell them about the flight patterns overhead, the musty smell in the basement, or the swampy area in the backyard. We've also helped busy professionals narrow down their choices, so their valuable weekend time was focused only on homes that made for a great fit.

Amazing partners

Of course, we have fantastic local lenders, inspectors, and settlement companies that will help get you through the transaction smoothly and effortlessly, but we can also connect you with service providers that will help you transform your new house into a home. We'll connect you with the best plumbers, contractors, chimney sweeps, you name it - all curated through personal experience and feedback from our many clients.

Our love it or list it guarantee

Listen, we work hard to help you find the right home for the way you want to live, but we understand that sometimes life throws you a curveball. If something happens and you need to sell your home within one year of purchasing with us, we'll list your home for free (i.e. no commission on the list side of the transaction). We hope that gives you just a little extra peace of mind before making one of the most important decisions in your life.

Cancel anytime guarantee

We're confident you'll love our service-based approach, not to mention the results we help you achieve, but sometimes things happen. Whether you change your mind about selling, life throws you a curveball, or simply don't click with our team for some (strange 🙂 ) reason, you're free to move on. We never lock you in and always keep your goal front and center.

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