Big Changes for Reston Station, McTacoHut, and Pupatella Pizza in 2020!

Wiehle Reston East Metro Station

Many Restonians may have noticed the changes to a well-known corner of Wiehle Avenue and Sunset Hills Road. This corner houses McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut and is affectionately nicknamed “McTacoHut.” Now McTacoHut is being upgraded along with several other improvements in and near Reston Station – the development with Reston’s new Metro station on Wiehle Avenue.


A McTacoHut mainstay is no longer; earlier in 2020, Pizza Hut opted not to renew its lease. This news begs the question—where are we going to get our pizza now?  Good news! A Neapolitan pizza place, Pupatella Pizza, will be opening up a new restaurant in the same building. Pupatella’s has several restaurants in the Northern Virginia area and is considered one of the best pizza places in the Washington D.C. area.

Even though Pizza Hut has been a staple in McTacoHut since the 1970s, the transition to a fresh, local pizza place is an exciting addition to the dynamic area surrounding Reston Station.

Reston Station Developments

Reston Station is an ever-changing location that has drawn a mix of old and new companies to the Reston area. Google, Rolls-Royce, Neustar, and more are helping to make the area surrounding the new metro station even more vibrant. They ensure a steady stream of employment, which bolsters the Reston and Northern Virginia economy.

Reston Firehouse Update

With all these new businesses and traffic being brought into the Reston area, the Fairfax County Government is investing about $13 million dollars into a new state of the art facility. This update will almost double the size of the fire station, allowing for the businesses and residents of Reston to stay safe.

W&OD Trail Overpass

Another important improvement near the Wiehle Avenue and Sunset Hills Road intersection is the addition of an overpass for the beloved Washington and Old Dominion Trail. This will help trail users to cross the intersection above the busy traffic below and keep everyone safe, while improving traffic flow. This bridge is scheduled to be completed in 2021 with a budget of $10 million.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in this little corner of Reston. Stay tuned here for the latest and reach out at any time if you would like more information.

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