Lake Anne Plaza is the Heart of Reston Virginia

Lake Anne Plaza in Reston, Virginia

Built in 1964, Lake Anne Plaza and Lake Anne Village Center was the first of several village centers built in Reston. Inspired by the Italian coastal town of Portofino, which includes a mix of homes built above shops that “hug” the water-line tightly, Lake Anne Plaza’s architecture departs from that of Portofino’s dramatically. Built in the brutalist architectural style, Lake Anne’s townhomes, condos, and shops are starkly modern, yet blend in perfectly with the lake and landscape.

Lake Anne Plaza is ideally suited to community gatherings and events. Thousands flock to the Reston Farmers Market on Saturday mornings from April through December, which is one of the most popular markets in Northern Virginia. In addition to the farmers market, the Reston Arts and Crafts Market shares the plaza with small vendors selling all manner of art, crafts, and jewelry.

The plaza includes an eclectic mix of independent shops and restaurants that make the area attractive to people of all walks of life. Some of the plaza’s highlights include:

While this list just scratches the surface of what is available on the plaza, note that there is not a recognizable national brand among them. This refreshing and vibrant mix of businesses, architecture, and nature is why you owe it to yourself to visit and explore Lake Anne in Reston. And, it’s why I believe Lake Anne Plaza is the heart of Reston Virginia.

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